22 Oct 2014

Korean Dramas

Hello readers!

This is my first post in the category "Voice of Whoever" (viewer)! ^^
I will give you a list of the Korean dramas I have watched so far, in the exact order: 

  1. "The Master's Sun"
  2. "Boys Over Flowers"
  3. "I Hear Your Voice"
  4. "You're Beautiful"
  5. "The Heirs"
  6. "My Love From Another Star / Man from The Stars"
  7. "Cunning Single Lady"
  8. "City Hunter"
  9. "Fated to Love You" (aka "You Are My Destiny")
  10. "Hi! school: Love On"

So, the first three Korean series I have watched are still the ones I like the most and I highly recommend them! 
The two series I have watched next (#4 and #5) are not that good, even though they are not really bad and quite funny. 
I did not like the final episode of series #6 at all, but the rest was truly hilarious!
Well, although parts of series #7 were obvious, it was extremely funny, too!
Series #8 is one of my favourites, too! Full of amazing fighting scenes I really loved and also sad ones.
I have not watched the last series of my list until the final episode so far, I am still working on that :D

So, let's talk only of my favourite Korean series now!
"The Master's Sun" is my Number One! It was the first series that made me cry really hard, I have never really cried because of a film or a series before. And the crying did not stop , when I watched "Boys Over Flowers". Well, actually it did, until I watched the last few episodes which were really sad again. Then, I was sick and tired of crying because of these dramas and I did not watch anything for a while. Afterwards "I Hear Your Voice" made me cry again - this time quite at the beginning, not at the end. (I sound like a baby in this post, but believe me, I am above that phase of life! :D )

(My crying phase of life stopped thereafter, but since that actually is NOT the topic of this post, I will hush about that :D )

Let's get to Number Four of my favourite list: "City Hunter". Like in other series, the beginning/middle part had a lot of funny scenes and from the beginning until the end there were funny parts inbetween, but all in all there were mostly sad scenes and amazing fighting! I can highly recommend this series, too!

Last but not least: Cunning Single Lady - Number Five of my favourites; shortly hilarious! One of the most hilarious series I have ever watched! It was obvious which people would end up together, but in my opinion this issue exists almost everywhere, whether in films, series or books. 

So, in short: I can highly recommend my favourites!
I am going to post something about the English series I have watched very soon and if you want to, I can tell you more about my beloved Korean series! Just let me know :)

Read you :)