Voice of Whoever

Hello 'readers' of this blog!

I do not know where to start, so I will just get straight to the point...
I am not 'only' a reader, I am a lot of different things at the same time (-uh yes, this sounds pretty strange, but it is completely true, though-) just as some of my 'readers' (yeah, I am talking to you, guys ;-) ) are students and daughters and friends at the same time (apparently, I am a student, a daughter, and a friend as well :D). Well, shortly, I am a human being just like you hopefully are (btw, my English teacher hates the word "human being", I hope she never reads this blog, otherwise I might be in trouble due to my mark which might get worse...)!
I have the feeling that I cannot really describe myself... Where was I?
'Readers' do you know the "stream of consciousness"? That describes, what is going on in this text!
So, I will continue, just stay patient. I found the right words again!
I am a (wannabe-) amateur cook, I am an addicted series viewer.
AND, I am getting to the point, from now on I will post things with labels like #viewer and maybe even #cook in this category - "Voice of Whoever" - since they have nothing to do with books and therefore cannot be put in the same category. Most probably I will add some more labels! YAY!

If you realise that you do not care about those things, feel free to ignore this category :( even though you would make me sad with this... Of course, I would be much happier when you cared. Comment or send me e-mails for requests/questions/whatever :D.

read you soon!

#1: Korean Dramas