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Note: This text is "About The Girl" who owns this blog and for some reason had to think of Nick Hornby's book "About A Boy" (- as we all know, the book was filmed and the film title is the same -) while typing this, so that is why the heading reads (-this person just loves this wording-) "About The Girl".

Hello 'readers'!
My name is Rue, I am about to turn 18 and I wish I would be living in the UK!
I have a lot of dreams which will probably never come true - no, I am not a pessimist, I am just trying to be realistic- because that much really cannot come true. I have enough dreams for the entire world population (lol, I like that one ;D).
What else? Let's start with a little confession (which might become not so little):
I am a girl who is definitely chasing rainbows (oops, I accidentally wrote 'rainbrows' - what is that supposed to mean? I have to think of a mono-brow in the colours of the rainbow right now :'D) and trying to do a lot of stuff - like drawing, writing, teaching myself languages and more. For instance, I want to try cooking (warning: if I ever offer you food... well, if I were you, I would kindly decline, since it might not be good for your health...or better: run away. Lol)
Oh, I almost forgot an important aspect! I cannot keep away from distraction - like books and the internet (and sometimes food). You things, yeah I am talking to you, why can't you leave me alone, so that I can study and do my homework? I sometimes hate how much these things make me suffer. Especially the internet which often is neither necessary nor helpful - unless I want to blog or do some research... I am trying to discipline myself but I do not think it works, so far. Can you relate to that?
Oh and, any kind of help is welcome :D

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Well, for now, that is it! 
I will update and inform you right here whenever something changes...

Read you :)